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Walker Mehl

Walker Mehl is a prominent radio host in the Charlotte market, with a career spanning since 2016. A proud alumnus of UNC-Charlotte, he embarked on his on-air journey with ESPN 730, where he had interned since his junior year of college, demonstrating his dedication to the world of sports broadcasting.

His time with the ESPN affiliate spanned nearly seven years, solidifying his expertise in sports commentary. In November 2022, Walker launched a new midday show on WFNZ, Charlotte’s premier sports station, cementing his position as a trusted voice in the local sports scene.

In addition to his radio career, Walker has been the face and voice behind the “Locked On Hornets” podcast since 2018, where he collaborates with Doug Branson to provide fans with in-depth coverage of the Charlotte Hornets. Walker’s roots trace back to Claremont, NC, where he honed his basketball skills at Bunker Hill High School before graduating in 2011. His passion for sports and dedication to his craft have made him a respected figure in the Charlotte sports media landscape, with a promising future ahead.

Podcasts Hosted By Walker Mehl