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Matt Ahne

Locked On Fantasy Baseball host Matt Ahne grew up in Staten Island NY as a Yankee fan due to his grandmother who lived with them and always having the game on. He’s been hosting Locked On Fantasy Baseball since 2021. He met Dom when he was 10 years old. Dom forced him to play fantasy baseball even though the only players he knew were from the Yankees. After that, Matt fell in love with fantasy sports in general. Fantasy Baseball was always his first and forever love. Fantasy Baseball took him about two seasons before he started to get the hang of it. Finally, when he knew how to break down and look at the players he started being successful. To fast forward, Dom and Matt always joked that they should start a Fantasy Baseball Podcast for years. They even had a name for the show The Fantasy Baseball Mds. We launched that show 3 years ago. Hear Matt daily on the Locked On Podcast network. Your team. Every day.

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