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John Miller

Locked on Mizzou host, John Miller, has spent all but two years and a summer (spent in Chicago and New York City respectively) in Boone County, Missouri. As a lifelong Missouri fan, he knows what other Missouri sports fans care about. Miller’s love of journalism and sports dates back to his childhood as he spent time watching Sportscenter, shooting hoops and outmaneuvering older people in fantasy sports on his AOL dialup connection. He followed that passion into high school and then to college at the University of Missouri-Columbia. While he had a great experience writing for the Misssourian, he always tried to write about Mizzou football, against his editor’s wishes. Miller eventually took a job on the Chicago Board of Trade floor to follow his newfound love for the stock market. While some things have changed, a big part of him is still that little kid that loves playing and watching games more than anything else. He’s currently living in Columbia with his wife, Melissa, and their daughters, Ava and Olivia. You can hear John on the Locked On Podcast Network. Your Team. Every Day.

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