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Joey Erickson

Joey Erickson, the engaging host of the Locked On Stars Podcast, is a seasoned sports professional with a deep passion for hockey. Having previously served as a producer at Dallas’ esteemed 105.3 The Fan, Joey brings a wealth of industry experience to his podcasting endeavors. His lifelong dedication to the Dallas Stars is not only a testament to his unwavering commitment to the team but also a testament to his profound knowledge of the sport.

Currently, Joey holds the coveted position of play-by-play voice for the Chippewa Steel in the North American Hockey League, further showcasing his expertise in the world of hockey. With a dynamic career spanning both radio and play-by-play commentary, Joey Erickson is a respected figure within the hockey community, providing fans with unparalleled insights into the Dallas Stars and the broader world of the sport.

Podcasts Hosted By Joey Erickson