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Ben Kaspick

Locked On Giants host Ben Kaspick is also the producer of the Locked On Giants podcast, bringing his unique brand of passionate and data-driven baseball analysis to Giants fans every weekday. With a degree in Media Studies from the University of San Francisco and experience working for Major League Baseball and the San Francisco Giants, Ben has spent over a decade honing his craft. He’s also contributed to leading baseball statistics and analysis websites Beyond the Box Score and RotoGraphs, where his strength lies in simplifying complex stats and data for everyone to understand. In his current role, Ben’s ability to break down the numbers in an insightful yet accessible way has endeared him to fans and made Locked On Giants a must-listen for anyone following the team. When he’s not talking Giants baseball, Ben enjoys analyzing baseball statistics, spending time with his family, sipping coffee with his beloved cat Smudge, and watching as much baseball as humanly possible. Hear Ben daily on the Locked On Podcast network. Your team. Every day.

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