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Andy Kamenetzky

Andy Kamenetzky, a devoted Lakers aficionado, has been an instrumental presence in the realm of sports journalism for over two decades. With a remarkable career spanning back to 2005, Andy’s coverage of the Los Angeles Lakers has graced distinguished platforms including the L.A. Times, ESPN, and The Athletic. His insightful analysis and unwavering dedication have made him a trusted voice among Lakers fans.

As the co-host of the highly acclaimed podcast “Locked on Lakers,” Andy engages listeners with his candid discussions, interviews, and expert insights. His articulate commentary extends beyond the podcast realm, as he frequently contributes his expertise to ESPNLA 710 and Spectrum SportsNet. Notably, Andy is a proponent of commemorating Slava Medvedenko, an often-overlooked Lakers player, with a statue—a testament to his deep appreciation for Lakers history and his penchant for shedding light on unique aspects of the team’s legacy.

Podcasts Hosted By Andy Kamenetzky