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Locked On Podcast Network Leaps Into Upper Echelon of Sports Media Industry

Locked On Podcast Network Leaps Into Upper Echelon of Sports Media Industry As Exceptionally Strong Year Comes to an End

Leading Local Team Podcast Platform Receives Funding, Doubles Listens and Has #1 Show

Park City, Utah – What started almost 10 years ago as a social experiment and way for a radio play-by-play announcer to connect more regularly with local, passionate sports fans has blossomed into a thriving top five sports podcast network as the year nears its end.  For the Locked On Podcast Network, 2019 has been a banner, breakthrough year with fresh investment capital, expansion of its MLB and college sports coverage and a new daily NHL podcast lineup in almost two dozen metro markets. In addition, the company has one of the most popular sports podcasts in America, Hollinger & Duncan NBA Show.  All the excitement has propelled Locked On to more than double both its number of annual listens, to 70 million, as well as its advertising revenue.

According to Founder and CEO David Locke, “For a lot of reasons including perhaps our bottom-up, local market business model, we have been off the radar; that’s no longer the case as a lot of things have come together this year.”  For one, the network will finish the year generating nearly 8 million listens a month and is still growing.

While industry observers may not have been paying attention, sports fans certainly have as the network has consistently doubled its monthly listens year over year.

January 2018 Breaks 2,000,000
October 2018 Breaks 3,000,000
January 2019 Breaks 4,000,000
October 2019 Breaks 7,000,000

Locked On now has some of the biggest team, league, draft and fantasy sports podcasts in the country. Perhaps more visibly, the Company’s elevated status traces to the launch of the new Hollinger and Duncan podcast featuring two highly respected and popular hosts. Nate Duncan and John Hollinger brought a level of star power to the Locked On Podcast Network. According to Locke: “We were thrilled that the Hollinger & Duncan NBA Show launched at the top of the charts and has held its position as one of the top sports podcasts in the country, according to the Apple Podcast rankings, since launching in October.”

The rapidly growing network is known first and foremost for its short-form, daily local team podcasts covering individual NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football and basketball, and now NHL teams.  All told, the Locked On network has over 140 unique podcasts producing daily episodes every week for more than 60 markets across the US and Canada.

We pride ourselves on being the daily dose of insightful sports coverage for serious fans”, according to Locked On’s Chief Operating Officer Carl Weinstein.  “And, in doing so we deliver local team passion at national scale.”  The company’s primary mission in the coming year will be to use some of the new investment to grow its advertising sales team and keep the momentum going strong by launching more shows, covering more sports and pushing the total listeners to over 100 million.


About Locked On Podcast Network
The Locked On Podcast Network is the nation’s #1 producer of daily, local sports podcasts and a top producer of podcast episodes in the country. Locked On covers NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL teams, as well as leading major college sports teams and conferences. Locked On’s more than 140 podcast shows, each producing daily episodes, reach avid sports fans wherever they live. The company also produces league-wide podcasts covering the major sports leagues and has some of the industry’s top-ranked draft and fantasy sports podcasts. Locked On’s audience has more than doubled every year since 2016 and is now among the top five podcast networks in sports media. For more information, visit or contact David Locke at or Carl Weinstein at

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Dec 12, 2019

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