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5 Key Takeaways from On Air Fest with Megaphone & Locked On

On Air Fest 2022 was a blast! Missed all of the action? We’ve got you covered with this video of Megaphone’s session at the festival. Our own Rae Palermo held a conversation with David Locke of Locked On – a sports focused podcast network. Learn how David built Locked On from the ground up, creating a highly localized network of over 180 podcasts, and leveraged audience networks to supercharge their growth. Watch the video here, or scroll down for the highlights.

1. Utilizing direct sales in conjunction with audience networks has supercharged Locked On’s growth.

“The combo of direct sales and audience networks has been a grand slam. We feel like we get to double dribble while the rest of the league has to play by the rules.” – David Locke

2. Megaphone’s platform has unlocked unprecedented revenue for the Locked On team.

“Megaphone has done a fabulous job with fill rate. Megaphone has taken us to virtual sell out in combination with our local sales teams.” – David Locke

3. Locked On relied on Megaphone while the network was in its infancy to stay afloat.

“For a long time, Megaphone’s monetization offering was the reason we stayed in business. For a long time, Megaphone WAS the sales. We vaulted because of the success that Megaphone gave us.” -David Locke

4. New networks should stick to what they know to find success.

“In the beginning, we stayed on a very narrow focus with regularity. For us, that was daily, local, short-form podcasts and we never bent from that. We stayed narrow focus to build a foundation for our company.” -David Locke

5. Talent is key to growing a network.

“I always say talent is the key to growth. If someone’s going to invest the time to listen to your podcast you better be giving them some valuable content.”

Learn more about Locked On here.

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