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Locked On NFL Draft Coverage & Mock Draft

Locked On’s NFL Podcasts Cover Width, Depth and Height of NFL Draft

Network to Have Five Successive Days of NFL Mock Drafts with Local Podcast Experts Serving as Team Draft Rooms

Park City, Utah – If you are truly passionate about pro football and subscribe to the belief that draft prowess is the key to the sustainable success of your favorite team, then the Locked On Podcast Network ( is your place to be for the last half of April.

The rapidly growing podcast network is known first and foremost for its short-form, daily local team podcasts for individual NFL, NBA and MLB teams. And, for the next few weeks, rabid NFL fans will also want to have at least one ear on Locked On’s three national NFL podcasts: Locked On NFL hosted by former NFL scout Matt Williamson, Locked On NFL Draft hosted by The Draft Network’s Trevor Sikkema, and the Draft Dudes podcast hosted by Joe Marino and Kyle Crabbs also in partnership with The Draft Network.

Regardless of podcast, nobody covers the NFL draft like Locked On. With a roster of over 32 local team experts and three national NFL shows including two of the highest-rated daily NFL draft podcasts in the country, the Locked On Podcast Network has the NFL draft covered from all angles – the individual teams, the league overall, and in-depth analysis of NFL prospects.

The pinnacle of Locked On’s pre-draft coverage is the network’s unique 5-episode Mock Draft miniseries from April 15 – April 19, featured exclusively on the Locked On NFL podcast. In podcasting, or elsewhere, there is nothing comparable to this “as live” multiday mock draft format which includes nearly 40 NFL experts and draft analysts. Locked On’s Mock Draft features Brian Peacock of the Locked On 49ers podcast and Matt Williamson at the anchor desk, with The Draft Network’s Trevor Sikkema, Benjamin Solak, Joe Marino and Kyle Crabbs providing in-depth analysis and perspective. Joining the anchor team will be QB expert Mark Schofield of Locked On Patriots podcast, wide receiver and safety expert Travis Wingfield of Locked On Dolphins podcast, defensive line expert Peter Bukowski of Locked On Packers podcast and offensive line expert Ryan Tracy of Locked On Chiefs podcast.

The Mock Draft will play out the entire first round of the NFL draft featuring each local show as the team’s “draft war room” in a real draft scenario with the local teams adjusting on the fly to preceding picks and possible last-minute trades while also sharing their analysis and thought process through each selection. Short of only the draft itself, there’s nothing like it in terms of reality and real-time suspense.

In the aftermath of the draft, the coverage continues as Locked On will provide immediate reaction and analysis from its team of leading experts on draft winners and losers across the entire Locked On network including each local team podcast and on the daily Locked On NFL Draft, Locked On NFL and Draft Dudes podcasts. According to Locked On Founder and CEO David Locke, “the last two weeks in April comprising the pre and post-NFL draft analysis are peak periods for us and support the theory that for true football fans there really is no offseason. Nobody offers a more comprehensive mix of daily podcasts for the passionate football fan”

The Locked On Podcast Network is the nation’s number one producer of daily local sports podcasts and one of the top producers of podcast episodes in the country. Locked On covers NBA, NFL, MLB, as well as leading major college sports teams with short-form, 15-30 minute, daily podcasts reaching nearly 60 different major metropolitan areas and avid sports fans wherever they live. The company also produces nation-wide podcasts covering the major sports leagues and has some of the industry’s top-ranked draft and fantasy sports podcasts. Locked On podcast listens doubled in 2018 to over 5 million monthly listens and growth continues strongly upward in 2019. For more information visit or contact David Locke at or Carl Weinstein at

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Apr 15, 2011

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