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Corey Burton

Hailing originally from Atlanta, GA, Corey Burton has been a proud resident of Nashville, TN, for the past 15 years. In the realm of sports media, Corey wears multiple hats as the host of the Locked On Vandy podcast, showcasing his in-depth coverage of Vanderbilt University sports. His podcasting prowess extends further with shows like “SEC After Dark,” “Illegal Motion Podcast,” and “Bleav in Georgia Dawgs,” where Corey brings his unique insights to the vibrant world of college sports. Beyond the podcasting arena, Corey has made significant contributions as a Video Producer for Yahoo Sports and, showcasing his versatility in sports media. Currently, he is making an impact in the education sector, serving as a Digital Design teacher at James Lawson High School. Simultaneously, Corey channels his passion for football into coaching at Ensworth High School, adding a dynamic layer to his professional portfolio.

Corey Burton’s diverse skill set, coupled with his genuine enthusiasm for sports and education, defines him as a multifaceted professional. Whether navigating the podcast landscape or inspiring students in the classroom and on the football field, Corey consistently exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a love for the communities he serves. Listen to Corey daily on the Locked On Vandy podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your Team. Every Day.

Podcasts Hosted By Corey Burton